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​​The covered outdoor space gives diners the best of atmosphere with tremendous food. 7-10PM.



Alianos E Dundee

About  Randy McCallister

Meze Schaumburg

​​​​​​​​​​Randy plays a wide variety of music that will appeal to most musical tastes. From Sinatra, jazz and standards, Motown, R & B and more contemporary tunes, he works to keep an audience engaged and entertained. He loves audience participation, so don't be surprised if you find yourself onstage during one of his shows. Be sure to check out Vintage Vinyl Soul Revue, Vintage Vinyl Jazz Quartet, Vintage Vinyl Night of Bachrach, or Neil Diamond/ Carole  King Tribute. And, don't forget rock with horns, 13 piece powerhouse Soul Vaccination! !'



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Join me for a solo show at a beautiful location with wonderful food and staff. 7-11PM


Randy McCallister Music & Vintage Vinyl